Holy Rosary Home & School Association Implementation

Dear Holy Rosary Families,

There have been several questions regarding the formation of the Holy Rosary Home and School Association and hopefully this memo will shed some light on the situation. The Home and School Association, aka HASA, is made up of the Implementation Committee members and the former presidents of the merging Home and School Associations. The role of this Bridge Committee is to gather volunteers, work to get a structure started from which we can continue to build and to provide ideas, motivation and support during this huge undertaking . This is just a Temporary HASA; there will be an official election in early 2013. After the election, the Bridge Committee will transition responsibility to the new HASA by the end of the school year.

The committee members are:

  • Megan Patzuk (Titus), Stephanie Wimmer (Titus), Kevin Tickner (Titus)
  • Liz Pilacik (OLV), Sandro D’Angelo (OLV), Christine Billetta (OLV)
  • Joe Maguire (EOL), Kelley MCBride (EOL), Colleen Derfler (EOL)

We can be reached at “hasa@holyrosaryregional.com“. Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful new beginning for Holy Rosary!