Information on Emergency Notifications & One Call Web

Holy Rosary Regional Catholic School will be using the One Call Web automated parent notification service, which allows schools to contact parents within minutes. One Call Web allows school administrators to keep you updated as quickly and efficiently with personalized messages and helps you, as a parent or guardian; stay actively involved in your child’s education.

Attached please find an emergency information sheet. Please fill it out and return to the school by Monday, September 24th. In order to expedite this process, we need a form filled out for each child in the school; therefore, for parents who do not return the form by Monday, we will use two of the cell phone numbers that we have on file. Once we submit to One Call Web, we will not change this information so if you wish to insure we use the correct numbers, please be sure to return this paper by Monday.

One Call Web has the ability to:

  • Reach hundreds of parents in moments
  • Send notifications even when school phone lines are down
  • Rapidly deliver first-hand information during a crisis situation both by phone and e-mail

You will receive two different types of calls from the school:

  • Emergency notifications alerting you to a lockdown situation or unsafe incident
  • Announcements of school closings due to inclement weather

It is important that you promptly fill out and return the attached emergency information sheet. You can select two phone numbers to be utilized by the One Call Web system. At least one phone number must be provided for each parent/guardian.