Amazon Fundraiser

Purchases from can earn up to 10% for Holy Rosary without costing you a penny!

Do you or someone you know shop at  If so, you can earn money for Holy Rosary simply by starting your shopping trip by clicking the special link found on this page:

When you click on the special links found on this page, you will be taken to, where you can browse and purchase Kindle products, gift cards, books, DVDs, electronics, clothes, and a wide variety of items just as you normally would. It costs you nothing extra. Amazon then sends a percentage of the purchase price for all qualifying purchases (not just gift cards or Kindle products) to Holy Rosary. It’s that simple! The rate varies by product category and number of items purchased in a given month, but it’s typically 6.5% or more of the purchase price. Even small purchases can help push us into a higher percentage rate tier and thereby earn us more on all purchases.

Many schools and churches have reportedly earned upwards of $1000 a year using this Amazon Affiliate program and we hope for the same success at Holy Rosary!

How will this change how I shop at

The only difference is that you will begin on the Holy Rosary website. You can also bookmark this link in your favorites for future use. After completing your purchase, Amazon will automatically credit Holy Rosary. You won’t receive any confirmation that the school is getting a percentage, and the school does not receive any personal information about you or your purchases, but we can watch the funds accumulate! Please share this link with family and friends! Anyone can use them, and every purchase made using these links helps Holy Rosary.

How does know that purchases are from Holy Rosary members and friends?

By using the special link, your browser passes a special Holy Rosary code to As long as you stay on the site, that code is retained until you make a purchase. This means that you must begin your shopping by using the special link. Once at, you must stay on one of their pages until you make the purchase. If you leave the site, and then re-enter it, the Holy Rosary code could be lost and your purchase might not be credited to Holy Rosary. Also, if you don’t complete your purchases within 24 hours, the code will get lost. But you can always start over again from the above link.