Attention Box Top Clippers!!

Our Box Top Contest winners are:

November 1st submission:

1st Place: Abby Porter, 3B ~ 1,753 Box Tops

2nd Place: Max Taglieber, 3B & Maya Taglieber, 1A  ~ we have a tie with 1,500 Box Tops, each

Classroom: 3B ~ 3,253

March 1st submission:

1st Place: Christian Gudnitz, 5A ~ 622 Box Tops

2nd Place: Chase Henrick, 2A ~ 260 Box Tops

Classroom: 5th Grade, 1,054 Box Tops

1st Place: Student wins a $10 Menchie’s Gift card

2nd Place: Student wins a $5 Menchie’s Gift card

Classroom with the most Box Tops collected will win a Large tray of assorted treats!

Thanks to all who have submitted Box Tops to date! We have earned $740.00 for our school in the November submission and $660.00 for our school in the March submission! That is $1400.00 just for clipping Box Tops and sending them into school!! Thanks to all who participate!

Keep on clipping!

Any questions, feel free to email Sherri Muldoon at